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The Demon Gin is a dark folk and twisted cabaret band from Canterbury, performing macabre roots and folk, haunting tunes, booze-soaked cabaret and tall tales with plenty of humour and theatrics.

Who are The Demon Gin?

  • Sinead Hanna (vocals, guitar, various noises)
  • Ben Holliday (guitar, double bass, mandolin, percussion)
  • Greg Ireland (banjo, electric guitar, mandolin, clarinet, percussion, vocals)

The Demon Gin formed in 2016 when lead singer and songwriter Sinead finally started listening to the voices in her head, and decided to put her acting and writing experience into a band. She immediately contacted the established musicians Ben Holliday and Greg Ireland, both multi-instrumentalists and founding members of the much loved folk rock band Green Diesel, who happened to be in her living room at the time.

Over a few gins, the trio discussed their love of performance, 70s folk, Tom Waits, punk cabaret acts and musicals (soooo many musicals) and by morning, The Demon Gin was born.

The result is a band committed to storytelling. Their original songs are inspired by folklore, urban legends and literature, and the sound is a hybrid of roots, dark folk, and blues mixed with the whirling energy of vaudeville.

They are equally at home at jaunty pub sets, intimate café-theatre gigs, or delivering a full, reeling cabaret show.

Why is this called The Demon Gin?

Because all the other names we could think of were taken. And because anyone who has seen Sinead sitting on the stairs at a party will know why gin is synonymous with her exploits.

What is The Cat’s Wail?

You’ll find out. Everyone always does…

Where can we find your music?

Grab a copy of our EP at our gigs, or order your copy right here.

How do we get in touch about gigs/bookings?

Please message us on Facebook or email us if you’d like more information about our music or  bookings: thedemongin@gmail.com

Didn’t this use to be a blog or something?

This site launched in 2013 as Sinead’s humour and lifestyle blog, with irreverent ramblings, venue reviews, and lifestyle posts. You can still read Sinead’s old posts on this site, if you search hard enough. N.B the old blogs are not music related.

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