First gigs & recording adventures

The Demon Gin has been very busy since the three of us decided to stop throwing nuts at squirrels (and vice versa) and make sweet music together.

Waaaay back in April (ah what an age to be alive that was), we played our first public gig at one of our favourite establishments in Canterbury, The Lady Luck, appearing as part of Luke Smith’s Lo-Fi zone.  Well… it was our first proper gig as a trio. Technically, Ben and Sinead had played an impromptu gig a month earlier. In Budapest. While on holiday. But people do crazy things after a lot of goulash.

First night nerves dispensed with and much gin consumed, the trio knuckled down for the next couple of weeks (i between work and other artistic commitments) and polished off a suite of original songs and a choice cover or two fit for what would be their next  show – the hallowed Shedfest in Broadstairs. This gathering is small but ranks highly on the social calendar of many a local music fan. And it really is in a shed. And it was a delight from start to finish, big up to the inimitable Euan Headley for hosting us that night!

Then came the real work. Recording the first EP. For without actual music files to share, few promoters will give you gigs based on your assertions that “it really does sound better than a bag of cats being swung against a wall”. And The DG needs an outlet.

So one sunny Saturday we stocked up on lemon & ginger tea, wholesome nuts and huge amounts of candyfloss stuffed with tacos, and encamped at Squarehead Studios in Newington, Kent,  to lay down (SO street) enough musical mayhem to fashion a four track EP. Ben and Greg are seasoned studio users…which sounds weird, but let’s go with it…and we all agreed the recording space, equipment and engineer James were faultless, and we would be delighted to return again.

After a tiring but exhilarating eight hours of playing banjos, guitars, double bass, piano, pump organs, giant drums, bits of the floor and singing our tits off, we were starting to feel like a real band.

I mean…Ben and Greg have been in a real band for, like, 12  years. But Sinead felt like she was in a real band. But she thinks she’s a fire engine most of the time so…it was a good day all round.

We’ll bring you our finished tunes asap. In the meantime, our next confirmed gig is at Aces and Eights, Tufnell Park in London on Wednesday 29th June and is in aid of the homeless. Please do come by if you can, and donate where possible!

Here are some photos from recent horrific expeditions.

Greg and a big drum that Ben approves of
Greg and banjo, together forever
Ben doing his thing
Sinead at the end of a long day
Greg finds an amp he likes
Dat pretty