So we’re a band now…

So, tiny darlings. Alert the media at once, and open the good gin; things are about to get LOUD.
The Demon Gin music act is happening.
Don’t all faint at once.
Seriously – so sorry, loyal readers (all five of you) that the blog has been on hiatus for so long, but there have been many, many irons in fires and many, many trips to the hospital where doctors tell me “do you know how much money we’ve spent fixing your frigging burnt hands, you pointless bint?”
But the good news is that there will be more news, more banter and more stories to share with you from now on. This is a holding post for now just to keep you and new fans (hello!) updated.
I will go into great detail on how all this music craziness began in my next posts, but for now I have listed everything you need to know below (the About page, Facebook and Twitter accounts have all been updated too).
  1. There’s three of us now. Well, three not counting the voice in my head. And we’re not counting them. SHUT UP, YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!!!! Sorry…
  2. The band consists of myself as singer/songwriter, Ben Holliday on acoustic guitar and mandolin, and Greg Ireland on mandolin, clarinet, vocals and percussion.
  3. Our musical style is macabre roots, dark folk and grim cabaret, and we play original songs and trad tunes that channel roots, folk, musical theatre, cabaret and vaudeville.
  4. Check the Facebook page for gig details for now, and a gig page will be added to this site shortly
  5. We have JUST started, so stick with us while we sort out things like photos and flyers and and hot tub parties and gambling addictions
  6. A LOT of characters in the songs die or are insane. Or want to kill you. Or are walls.
  7. We are on the prowl for more gigs, so please do message us with suggestions or options. We will have some demo tracks to share soon.
  8. How many hats should I wear for our first few gigs……..maybe 3…4?…..ahhh this is the sort of conflict they warned me to expect in the music industry…

The voices and I will see you very soon.

2 thoughts on “So we’re a band now…

  1. Discovered your blog via your Dermalogica Pre-cleanse review and am entirely enamored by your writing style! So funny, your blog is a gem, and I feel I'll be returning more frequently! I hope you continue to post!! 😀


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