Back Once Again

I know.
Yes yes yes, I know. 

I know it’s been an age, tiny darlings. I should have left a note, should have explained my unforgivable absence. I should have written something on a mirror, in lipstick. Or put a Post-It on a goose.
Ideally, the reasons for my many weeks’ absence would be shocking, sexy and a little upsetting. Such as being kidnapped by pirates who forced me to play backgammon for hours on end with my clothes on, despite my protestations.
In truth, I needed a hiatus to focus on work, and the play I was in, and the travelling I was doing, and the sitting I needed, and the gin sampling that let’s face it has become rather sad now.
But have no fear, I will be back shortly with many posts to come that are sure to tickle you. Such as…
  • My current gin recommendations (so good you’ll rub yourself in juniper)
  • Why I can’t get into my office
  • A magical drinking pillow
  • My search for the perfect espresso martini
  • Tales from The Duck and Bastard
  • Uhh….Belfast? Yeah, Belfast, I haven’t done Belfast yet
  • I don’t know, something about cats

All of this will be with you in good time. In the meantime, here is a picture of Django looking shocked.

The Demon Gin, surprised cat, canterbury blog, kent blogger
That bitch be blogging about what?!
And here is a picture of me with fabulous hair, annoyed that Ben is reading the paper and not commenting on the fabulous hair.

The Demon Gin

And here is picture of a cream tea I had in Devon which apparently started a war

And here’s a picture of the world’s greatest folk session in Edinburgh’s The Royal Oak, taken at 3am during the festival.

The Demon Gin, Green Diesel, Royal Oak Edinburgh, Royal Oak session, folk session

And here’s a picture of a table I painted for no good reason.

And here’s a picture of Ireland. I went to Ireland ages ago. Probably should have told you about that.
Dat pretty
And here’s me ACTING.

And here is a pizza. It was a good pizza. I sometimes weep for the loss of it.

And here’s some tigers snuggling.

And here’s a gin and tonic cake I made while bored. It looks like it’s smiling. Sort of like The Joker. So that’s something.

And a lemur taking a selfie.

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#lemur #selfie ……#lemurselfie Yep.

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Until next time. (Drops mic)

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