Miracle Mascara and Fab Facial Oil

Today, I bring you something for the eyes, and something for the skin.

Everyone brace themselves – I think I’ve found my perfect mascaras. I know, I know – you’ve all been waiting for this day, wandering and hoping. I want to thank you all for supporting me through my struggles, it’s been emotional.

Mascara is my absolute make-up staple. As a natural blonde with grey/blue eyes, my lashes are practically invisible so I need help to make my peepers pop. Many brands have served well, but few manage to achieve the pretty, fluttering effect I’m looking for, and all too many have furnished me with the dreaded clumped spider look.
Back in August, I asked my sister for some mascara for my birthday and Em presented me with Mascara Terrybly in Moka Brown, ‘a growth booster mascara’ from By Terry. The packaging claims it is a ‘lash-Lengthening intensive serum’ that will transform lashes day after day. It also uses ‘Lumicoat® Care Technology’………which is probably a thing.

I’ll admit, I was dubious; I haven’t used brown mascara since borrowing a cheap one from my mother and ended up looking like I’d put mud in my eyes. This new box promised the gloop would condition and boost growth while it decorated, but it wasn’t the big ‘volumising! Lengthening! Separating! Orgasming!’ advertising extravaganza I was used to.

I didn’t use it for a couple of weeks until one day, when I was in a hurry and was in the mood for minimalism, I gave it a go. A couple of coats and a feline flick of eyeliner, and I was out the door. The masarca slid on very nicely, with no clumping, and the colour was a luscious natural brown. In the seconds I spent applying it, I was impressed but too rushed to pay proper attention.
Cut to me in the bathroom at work. While washing my hands, I glanced in the mirror and literally did a double take. I mean, obviously I am constantly gorgeous, but I couldn’t believe my actual eyes. My lashes were bright, delicate and pretty. I don’t know how, but the mascara had given me the sort of fluttery, girlish eyes I’d been looking for. Perhaps it was the colour or the boosting wonder tonic, but FINALLY I could pretend this is how I look first thing in the morning.
The more I use the mascara, the better my lashes look. I don’t normally believe fancy packaging and claims of revolutionary technology, but this stuff clearly works. Such a fantastic find does not come cheap – it’scurrently £32 online from Space NK. But the results are remarkable.

But a woman can’t live on day mascara alone! And that’s why, when I was recently in duty-free territory en route back from Vegas, I bagged me a tube of Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara in black.

The key to  a good mascara is often the brush; the Doll’s Eyes wand is a thick cone with a traditional, hearty bristles (I’m not a fan of rubber brushes these days). It coats every lash and gives a full fan effect, without clumping or overloading. It is lovely on its own, but is particularly good for enhancing a smokey, feline eye.
Lancome is a touch more reasonable on the wallet, at £22.50online, though Lancome frequently has excellent special offers in department stores. Bag a tester whenever you can.

And now, for my final thought. Or product. Whatever.

It is….facial oil.
I have previously told you ALL to moisturise every day and night, no matter your skin condition. You need to look after your skin as early as you can, or you will be sobbing about your wrinkles long before the rest of us.
One of my secret weapons has been the occasional use of facial oil at night. Massage a few drops into your face and neck before bed, and wake up crease-free.
Last month, I was invited to a Neal’s Yard Party by the lovely Miscriant and discovered the sensation that is the Rose Facial Oil. I am big fan of Neal’s Yard products (read Miscriant’s round-up of their work here), as they are organic and very good quality. Their thicker than usual lotions and creams do take a little while to get used to if you have sensitive skin, but I don’t know anyone who has not been converted after a couple of weeks of use.
The Rose Facial Oil was an obvious choice for me, as I knew my current stash of facial oil was running low. This concoction is outstanding (it also has a handy tincture dropper in the lid), and I’ve been treating my skin to it at the end of busy days and even longer nights. Every time I wake up with incredibly dewy, softer than silk skin. Use it, ladies, and thank me later.
Currently £18.50 online, but I strongly recommend you host a NY party for your friends as you will get a lot of great testers and can sample their many products.
Don’t feel like shelling out for the fancy stuff? For an even cheaper option, pierce a capsule of evening primrose oil with a pin, squeeze onto your fingertips and massage into your face. This version is a bit rich, so don’t use more than one capsule. 
Here endeth the lesson.

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