Interlude – Rudolpho

Rudolpho swung his cape around his shoulders and cackled insanely for a bit. He regarded himself in the mirror, and smirked so hard that his hat fell off.

The flintlock pistol jutted proudly from his waistband. The stilettos strapped to his thigh glinted in the candlelight. The vials of acid glowed in his velvet bandolier like grim emeralds. His expression promised unmentionable pain and misery to those who dared near him.

There was one final accoutrement to add to the ensemble, the last and most important weapon in his arsenal, the one item that would command everyone in his path. With a smug smile, Rudolpho clipped a big bunch of keys to his belt.
“Let’s see accounts try to stop me using their photocopier now.”

Originally penned in 2008

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