A Curious Thing

A child just walked past my desk. A female one. Walking quite contentedly in the direction of something, unhindered and unperturbed.

I peer over the top of my computer screen, not at all happy and but trying not to draw attention to myself lest it ask for milk. It disappears around the corner.

It was fairly tall. In fact it was adult sized. In fact, it might have been an adult. A woman, even. In the distance, I swear I hear the words “Bring the labels” being muttered.

I look around the rest of the office. No one has raised the alarm or met my worried gaze. Where is its owner? Why is it here?
It was heading in the direction of the extra desks we’ve set up in order to accommodate the extra staff we need to take all extra calls about being alive. Perhaps this possible infant is new. Perhaps it has been here 30 years and I’ve just not noticed. I must investigate.
I stand slowly, and clear my throat, not taking my eyes off the corner wall for a second.
“Who’s for a nice cup of tea?” I announce, and lift a tray slowly to eye level (I always keep a tray handy for such occasions). There’s no one else here, everyone else is at lunch, but it was important to at least ask.
I step out from my desk, and walk forward at a steady pace. I turn the corner, tray in hand, and head straight for the kitchen, my eyes seemingly fixed forward but in reality they are scanning the office for traces of this being.
No trace, no sign. All I see are grown ups, normal people who are working and are no cause for concern. The figure has vanished….perhaps it was a ghost?

Or it could be sitting over there, where that woman I’ve not seen before but looks perfectly normal is sitting.

Or a ghost?

I don’t know what’s going on.

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