I Can’t Take A Blogging Picture

Apparently photos are important for blogs. So I have been trying to take more photos of my life and of things I see.
This is not working out well. 
I have previously laboured under the illusion that I could take a decent photo. I have done in the past, with my old Canon Powershot. But that was then. This is now.
My blogging mentor, Miscriant, has an eye for photos. As in she can actually take them. If you want an example, here’s a link to her blog. Go and look at it, and look at her lovely pictures. Go now.
Have you had a look? She makes it look so easy. In fact, here is a picture of her actually making it look so easy.
Miscriant, Canterbury Blog

GOD I hate her. Now look what happened when I tried to take a picture of a plate of food.
Empty plate, Canterbury
LOOK AT IT! Just look at what I did! There is NOTHING there. Now look what happened when I tried the flash on some nachos.
Christ, it’s like God threw up Mexico.
It was about now that I decided to blame my camera phone. You see it, IT was the cause of all this bother. I needed to find my old Canon. And so began my hunt for said camera. The camera I haven’t used since last summer when the battery ran out half way through a trip to Edinburgh. And I’ve moved house since then. But I wouldn’t throw out a camera…..would I?
I found the box pretty swiftly.
Canon Powershot G7
The camera was inside. Hurrah!
Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog
……..Where are the spare batteries? Okay okay, think back, they were in a small red pouch thing….that I probably put in the desk drawer…
Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog
Sweeeeeet. Okay, going well, going well. And look! There is the battery charger as well! I just need the power cable.
I will actually need the power cable.

Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog
No, not the USB cable.

Really, I’m not kidding.

…..Son of a WHORE!!!
Yes, that’s right. I sometimes throw out perfectly functioning cables for no good reason just because I don’t want to look at them any more. So I had nearly everything I needed, but no charger cable.
Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog
(I didn’t need the scissors, btw, but I found them in a drawer and I was pleased because I needed more scissors)

But wait!Wait!….yes….I could just use the USB cable on one of my USB plugs, and that should charge the battery while it’s still in the camera, right? Of course it will!!! No one in the history of mankind has ever been this clever!

And we just plug it in…..

Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog

And we just turn it on.

Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog


I decided I’d had enough and photos were over rated and stupid. I also punched a cat.

But the next day in work, as I wondered aimlessly around the office in search of more pens, I spied this little number.

Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog

A spare battery charger! With cable!!!! I begged the boss for a lend of the cable, and within a matter of hours, I had a beautifully charged camera.

To celebrate, I took it to a gig and took an arty photo of it.

Canon Powershot, The Demon Gin, Canterbury Blog, The Ballroom

An arty photo. Using my original camera phone. Which turned out to be the best picture of the night.

Expect some disappointing photos people. Weird, disappointing photos.

One thought on “I Can’t Take A Blogging Picture

  1. 1) hideous photo of me
    2) I have approximately 16849391616 worthless photos on my camera
    3) photos I am swiftly discovering are the devil's spawn and loose you friends faster than serving a three bird roast at a vegetarian funeral.


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