There once was a blog…

People, people, people.
I have started a blog. Yes, yes, it’s true – remember (current friends) all those months ago when I asked if starting a blog would make me a…y’know, c word?
Turns out it does. But one with a free online programme that literally anyone can use for selfies and to enrage Twitter. Yeah. Looking pre-tty impressive now, aren’t I?
First time blogger (The Demon Gin) Sinead Hanna
Me, at 2am, realising what I’ve done
But what sort of blog is it, you ask? Why. Why would you bombard me with questions so quickly, I have LITERALLY just opened the door.
Put it this way – it’s me. Yeah, you get the gist. For those who don’t know me, you’ll see.
But on a serious note, this means that my insanity will slowly filter away from Facebook (don’t all faint at once) to the blog, and also to Twitter (I hear it’s the place to be). So if you’ve ever liked me or tried to touch me while I was sleeping, you’ll come along with me.
The Demon Gin has it’s own Facebook page, and Twitter account @thedemongin (go look….see! See! I put stuff on there for you! Eeeee). I’ll be (attempting) to post automatic updates to both to make it easier for everyone, so you need only click and physically read with your eyes.

I’m starting slow, but should have plenty for ye to read in the coming days and weeks.
I will post regularly, hopefully every couple of days with a mix of shorter and longer posts. I cannot stress enough that these are very early days – I am finding my feet, and the blog itself will be redesigned by more capable people soon enough. I do ask any followers – know to me and strangers – to be kind and reserve comments and critiques (aside from glaring errors!) for the first month, while things bed in. This is a learning curve and new to me, but one I’m committed to sticking to. Then again, I said that four months ago when trying to learn the guitar. And that fucker just did NOT want to be played.
So! Let’s all raise a glass of gin to no oh that sounds fucking awful, no no forget that. Uhh…let’s all…uhh..why..Here’s!…Lo!And may oh JESUS…..Just enjoy. Thank you. I love you.
The Demon Gin, Sinead Hanna, The Demon Gin
I’ve just realized that I looked like holy hell in that first picture.
Here’s one of me looking jaunty

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