Hello, tiny darlings…


The Demon Gin is a Kent-based dark folk band bringing you twisted music, haunting humour & tall tales.

Performing original songs and strange arrangements, the trio delight in performance and storytelling, using guitars, clarinet, banjo, wailing cats and peculiar percussion. Expect great tunes, strange stories, bawdy humour and eerie energy.

Please browse our site to sample some of our sounds, and please get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or email.

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Our debut EP is now available! You can pick up a copy in person at our shows for £5.

Please note we have decided to pause posting out CDs for now, as the postage costs are adding up AND the delivery times are very slow! So we’re going to look into setting up an online platform for you instead – we’ll post here when we have the details!

Copy of Final EP The Demon Gin

Here’s a taster in the meantime…

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Get In Touch

If you’d like more information about The Demon Gin or for information about bookings, please email thedemongin@gmail.com or get in touch on social.

Find us on Instagram or Twitter (@thedemongin) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/thedemongin) and we will respond asap.